Friday, February 19, 2010

Cold trip to the park!

We have been trying to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. Blayne tried for the last two days to be home on time so we could take the kids to the park.
Thursday was the day, he came home and we rushed out trying to make it before the sun went down. Shannon and Lexi were over visiting for the day. Shannon and I were working on some sewing projects. So they decided to come along too!
We left and before we hit the end of the block Shannon and I tried to give up because it wasn't only cold, but windy too! We managed to stick it out and it was worth it. The kids needed to get out, not only for their sanity but for mine too!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Snowboarding Yates Children

Thursday Victoria played hookie from school and we took the kids up to use their snowboards that Uncle Sean bought them for Christmas. Sean wasn't here for Christmas so this is their first chance to take them up, and take them up with Sean.

Gavin did great and was boarding all by himself by the end of the afternoon. Victoria also took a short run without Sean holding on to her. I am definitely proud of the effort they put in and since they both had a positive experience I think it will be that much easier to get them both up again.

Blayne and Sean went up boarding by themselves on Friday and Gavin asked if he could go. Blayne told him maybe next time, he was quite disappointed. He was sure he could go and keep up with them. I definitely think he is a natural, but maybe not quite ready to go with the big boys.

While the boys were boarding the rest of us went back and forth sledding. G'ma and G'pa, Maddy and I took turns sledding. Maddy didn't even need a sled, she was perfectly fine with wallowing all over in the snow. I think she may be part penguin. Hmmm, what does that make me? It must come from Blayne! :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

I Love My Kids!!

So, for the second time in Maddy's life she has gotten into my make-up. With out fail she has grabbed the mascara every time. Last time it was in July when I was packing to go to San Diego, waiting for Blayne to get home to leave and she got into my bag and got it EVERYWHERE! When I called my mother-in-law, who was already in San Diego with Melissa and Brenton, they all asked, "Did you get pictures?" No!! that's not the first thing that came to mind when I found her. So THIS time, their comments last time did come to mind so I grabbed my camera, and here it is......Maddy with mascara all over her face! Although this time was much more mild than the last.

January 13th, 2010 was the one year anniversary of my Grandmother's death. Throughout the last year, knowing her headstone was not yet in place, I had not yet revisited her grave, nor had my kids ever been there. When we had her funeral I opted to leave them with my mother-in-law than to take them, purely for personal reasons. I thought it was important to take them out there to visit her. So last Sunday, she had been on my mind and heart all day at church so I figured it was the perfect day. Her headstone was beautiful and I don't think she would have had it any other way.

Speaking of Sundays! Yesterday Grandma Mary came over for dinner with Grandpa of course. After dinner Grandma helped the kids make strawberry jello popcorn balls with marshmallows and candy corns in them, YUMMY! Now it's just a matter of keeping the kids hands off of them :) It was a lot of fun, it was really messy but the kids had a blast and that's what is more important.

As much has I wish my house would slow down sometimes, it just isn't my personality. My mental and physical body are having a controversy. My mind and personality loves to have people in my home, my physical body is struggling. It's harder every time to recover from it. So at this point my mind continues to win and my body is coping with it :)