Monday, September 27, 2010


I can't believe fall has come so fast! Things are returning to normal at the Yates house. Kids are doing great in school and Mom feels like she is human again. We've had Amber at our house for the last two weeks. It was great with her here making sure life was continuing on while I was sick. Although after having Jonas with her, I almost expect to have a toddler running around......Heavens No!

Kids are doing great in school. They are in a new Charter School that started in our area this year. Being a new school, each child in Victoria's class was asked to right a "persuasive argument" on what they thought the school mascot and colors should be. Then the class voted on a few the teacher had picked, now it will go to the entire school to vote. Tori's idea won for her class, she is so excited!!!! I am very proud of her. She is growing up so fast.

While Amber was here she made sure the kids kept busy. She made sure dinner was ready, dishes were done, homework was done, kids to and from school, laundry, groceries, pretty much everything! All done while she was still taking care of her sick little sister, Blayne and I couldn't have done it without her. Thanks Amber, I love you! Somewhere along the line we got on the subject of pirate hats, she told the kids she'd help them make some. Of course the days passed, so right before she left she picked up a paper to make sure she followed through. They had fun, now I just need to let them decorate them.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week one of School down

Well, Gavin starting kindergarten and Victoria the third grade, we survived week one of school. Maddy is quite insulted that she is the only one who has to stay home, not very happy at all!

Blayne went into Gavin's class, he was sad at first then he was off with a bang and had a great day. Victoria was fine on day one. Their school was given iPads to use all year for each student, Tori is very excited.
Day two was a completely different story. She was very upset. I found out she is unhappy with her math teacher. We've tried to make some changes but informed her regardless of what happens you need to realize you won't always have teachers you love.
All and all it was a good week. I am already running out of things to do with Maddy for those three short hours before we pick up Gavin.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Camping at Lost Creek

After procrastinating all summer we finally took a Sunday drive which led us to a nice, little campground. So, why not, we made a reservation for the following Thursday - Saturday! Blayne and I figured it was actually the first time we had been camping with his family, parents anyway. We had a lot of fun! We got there Thursday and still managed to have daylight left after we got camp set up. Blayne even managed to get our hammock up. I think this may be one of his favorite parts of camping.

After making a roaring fire Blayne started in on making us smores. So, for fun I bought the LARGE marshmallows, NO BUENO!!! They made such a mess and the kids managed to get marshmallows all over them!

Friday morning we walked a great trail and got some cool pictures of and with the kids. We took Roxy and she was in Heaven! Doug had to work Friday so he went home Thursday evening. Mary and I drove into Welches to pick up a few things and make some phone calls. Melissa is trying to have Chayse early so we were checking on her progress if any. Then we came back and I took a nice nap in the hammock, I have a picture somewhere and can't locate it.

All and all it was a good camping trip. The weather was great, no rain, not too hot. It was still cold enough that we made hot chocolate, simply one of the best parts of camping!! Thanks Blayne for making it a good one, I love you!!!