Saturday, April 21, 2012

Visit with Heather and Jeremy

Heather was in from Utah, Jeremy and his son Hollis were in from Hawaii. It has been several years since we have ssen them and we have never met Hollis. We had a short but enjoyable visit at Lewis and Clark Park in Troutdale. We also stopped and picked up Kelly and her girls on our way which added to the fun.
We visited with Uncle Dennis and Aunt Karolyn then all of us kids and our kids played tag. It was so much fun to see, it makes us really appreciate our family.
Before we got ready to go I snapped a few more pictures of the beautiful girls. We are some lucky parents but watch out boys, these girls have two pretty scary fathers!! It was a really short visit, but it was still fun!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

We are waiting for Spring!

As Blayne left for work this morning it was snowing. I love the snow, my family loves the snow, but we are ready for Spring too! I've taken a few pictures with my phone over the last month or so and if I don't get them on here now they are going to get forgotten. A few of them are while we were driving around in the car on a very sunny day, my kids were being silly and I couldn't pass up a picture opportunity.
My silly kids!
Victoria went to a birthday party at a skating rink. I took Gavin and Maddy to skate while she was there. It was a great work out for Mom. I had to haul both of them around the rink while trying to keep my own balance at the same time.
Maddalym wearing Daddy's hat. She sure is cute!!

My Little Girl is 5!!!!

Maddalyn is officially 5! She had a long day, apparently it is very hard to turn 5. Grandma Mary took her shopping to the mall in the morning. Maddy's little friend PK and I met them at pre-school with cupcakes. We came home and the two little girls played with the present PK got Maddy while us two Moms made the cutest cupcakes.
After her busy day, we had friends and family over for cupcakes and presents. She is one spoiled little girl!
So today, the morning after, I have a very tired 5 year old girl. She is sitting quietly and playing with her Lego Friends she got for her birthday. Happy 5th Birthday Maddalyn! I love you and couldn't imagine life without you!!