Saturday, February 16, 2013


So Blayne spoiled me this year and we went top Seattle for Valentine's Day weekend. We spent the first night in Olympia with Jesse and Crystal Martin. Crystal and I got up Saturday morning, went to her salon and she did my hair. It was fabulous. Jesse and Blayne were forsced to go to Cabela's while we were gone. They hated every minute of it!! So Saturday evening we were Seattle bound! We spent the first evening on the waterfront. It got really cold, really quick! We went to Ivar's for dinner. Fabulous fish and chips! After we got some hot ciders from Starbucks it was back to the hotel for us. The next day we went sight seeing. Blayne really wanted to find the Troll under the bridge. We also went to the Seattle art museum, and we spent several hours at Pike's Place Market. After a fun filled day and tons of great food we headed home to our kiddos. Thanks to Chelsea and Kristin they were all in one piece when we got home.