Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bushue's Pumpkin Patch

These last couple of years we have started a tradition of going to Bushue's Pumpkin Patch with the McNutt's. We happily continued that tradition this year. We had beautiful weather. It was dry and warm. We started the fun in the parking lot when the boys were racing with wagons.

Then we took a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins. The kids were so excited, they were having a hard time holding still for our pictures.

After very little searching, this is what we ended up with. Blayne picked out a bigger pumpkin. I picked out a cool dark green pumpkin. the girls were taken by the red squash, I had to convince them to pick out an actual pumpkin. It got easier after I explained that they couldn't actually carve the squash.

We waited to carve our pumpkins until family night. So with Grandma and Grandpa Yates help we successfully carved three of the four. Blayne's is still on the kitchen table, cleaned but uncarved. Victoria chose to do a vampire, Gavin did two ghosts, and Maddy and I did a single ghost. The kids went and gathered some fun fall leaves to make our display more colorful.

I would definitely say it was a successful pumpkin patching trip this year. Now I just have to finish Halloween and trick-or-treating preparations.
Here's to a safe and Happy Halloween fron the Yates!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall, Fall, Fall!

Last weekend Blayne and the kids and I did a fun activity. We made cake pops, of course we cheated and used donut holes. They turned out great and we had fun doing it together.

Later that evening Victoria and Gavin decided to have a teeth pulling party. Victoria pulled out a molar (with help from Shannon) and Gavin pulled out his two front teeth.

With it being General Conference weekend we stayed at home and enjoyed our time together. In between sessions on Sunday we went for a nice walk and went geo caching. I enjoyed the beautiful fall weather and took a cute picture of the girls' rain boots. I love the Fall season!!!