Sunday, May 24, 2009


Thanks to the best Brother In-laws a girl can have along with the greatest husband ever, I now have a completed, beautiful kitchen. (other than that we have to seal it) Not to mention while doing it all, we managed to completely potty train Maddy. She doesn't even have to be reminded anymore, she takes herself. Oh the things that please us parents, our lives are truly boring sometimes :)

Poor Jake worked a long hard week, then came over to my house and helped Blayne late into the evenings. He went home yesterday completely exhausted!

We finished off our day yesterday by taking our kids to see "Night at the Museum, Battle at the Smithsonian." I can't tell you how it was, being so sleep deprived, I slept through most of it. Blayne and the kids enjoyed it. It was Maddy's first movie, that she can remember, and she giggled through most of it. It was a well deserved treat for them, they have been patient with Mom and Dad for the last three weeks. Of course having Emily here all week to play with Gavin was a big distraction, some times stressful, most mostly they had fun!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The construction continues......

So with my beautiful floors done. We are beginning the construction on the counters this weekend. Off comes the formica and on goes the granite. It will be so pretty. Blayne and I started demo last night, we cleared the counters and took off the back splash. We hope it will only take the weekend but you would not believe the stuff we ran into putting back together the kitchen, well the bathroom anyway. Wish us luck. In my experience there isn't anything more stressful on a marriage than a huge project ;)