Monday, March 30, 2009

Gavin found a new friend!

My cousin and her husband and 2 kids came over for dinner tonight. Gavin has met his match (with the exception of Emily, she isn't local) with Ashlyn, they had so much fun, no tears were shed and they entertained each other and Rory for the better part of 3 hours. It was great. Ashlyn informed me I could keep her brother and she would take Gavin home in his place. I then told her, "but Mommy would miss Rory!" "No she won't!" she promptly answered. I had to promise her we would visit again soon, maybe next time she could come for a LONGER visit, she then informed her Dad she had two new friends, Tori and Gavin. It was fantastic, Ashlyn loved Gavin's capes. She loved them sooo much she had to wear both of them at the same time. Rory wouldn't share Maddy's scooter, even if it was pink!! Living in Sandy, aka Tim-buk-tu, I miss out on a lot of visiting with my extended family. I always appreciate the effort they make to come and visit us. I love having people over to my home, and it isn't one of those, "I love them more when they leave" situations. Not all the time anyway :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Where did March go?

So I was looking through my camera and found some cute pictures that never made to.....well anywhere so I thought I would post them. I am suprised March had flown by so fast, 2009 is 1/4 over. WOW!!! Maddy turns two next month.... HOLY COW, WOW!! We have been busy, I have figured that is why it has flown by. We started this year with an huge "TO DO" list and I am happy to say, other than Blayne's mustang, it is complete. Very satisfying. Not that, being the OCD personality I am, I will find more to do. How boring would I be if I didn't keep busy!!

Gavin being Silly!

All my Lovlies in their Valentines Day outfits!!

Maddy climbed into the sink and started brushing her teeth, I have no idea where her Mother was!!

Friday, March 13, 2009


So I went and saw Wicked last night with my Mom and my 3 sisters. My Mom bought us all tickets back at Christmas, that we have all been holding until last night. It is a miracle nobody lost or misplaced their ticket. At the last minute My Aunt had to cancel so I was able to take Victoria in her spot. IT WAS AWESOME!!We had a lot of fun. It started at 7:30, it didn't get out until 10:20, so we didn't get Tori home until 11:00. Good thing she doesn't have school today, because she is still asleep. It was a great play, and a cool experience to have with just "the girls". Although, I think Blayne would have enjoyed it. I bought a cool shirt, with the flying monkeys up and down the sleeves, it was spendy but you have to have some type of token. (that's what I keep telling myself!)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Roxy! Roxy! Roxy!

So Victoria will be dreaming Roxy from now on, Maddy won't know the difference. For those of you who don't know, that is also the name of our black lab. Today we are going to pick up the same sheets for Emily's bed too! Yay!! More shopping!! :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

What Next?

With us starting off the week with our painting incident, I figured the week could only go up from there. I was wrong, dead wrong!!! So Thursday morning I was putting all new cabinet door pulls in my kitchen, while I was doing so Victoria informed Maddalyn was drinking out of one of the cleaner bottles. I turn around to find Maddy nursing the Pine sol bottle, "Lavender Clean Pine-sol"!!! I figured she only got a little, the lid was still on just loose enough for some to leak out. So after a phone call to poison control they assured me she was going to be fine, expect vomiting and diarrhea. If she starts vomiting "violently" give them a call back. So I managed to make through that episode. This morning, there was no school so we were watching cartoons in my bed, I figured I could get n a few more zzzz's. All the sudden I hear Maddy start crying, I find her with her head stuck between the logs in the foot board of my log bed. Yes, STUCK!! So I tried repeatedly to get her out, starting to panic I called Blayne, he said he would be right home. Trying to calm her down and thinking about it a little more, I realized it was her body she got through the logs, then she couldn't get her head trough too. So it wasn't that her head was stuck, so I reversed her body back through the logs and she came right out. Only managing to have a minor heart attack, I called Blayne back and told him to stay at work. And then I went shopping to recover from my stressful morning. I have decided to spend the rest of the day at home, although it has not been proven to be the safest place :) Plus I have to put my girls new "ROXY" sheets on their beds, they are sooo cute!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Was it worth it?

After our quite messy episode this afternoon, be sure to read my "Kudos to Home Depot" post prior to this one, I decided to get started on the painting of Gavin's room. Due to my OCD, just minor, I couldn't just start and not finish. Of course Gavin has to sleep in the guest room tonight but it is done. I love it!! If I was patient I would have had Blayne's help, once again a quality I lack, but he is still at work (9:48pm). I have a great husband, I love him too!

Kudos to Home Depot

So, preparing for new carpet in the kids rooms, we decided to paint first. Smart and normal idea. This morning Gavin and I decide we will go by and pick out some paint for his room. After convincing him he didn't want black, and I would NEVER let him paint it black, we picked out a cool blue. "Blue Chaise" and also a "Lemon Grass" green, and naturally a white also.

After returning home with 3 cans of paint I decide to wait to paint until Blayne gets home. I went into Gavin's room to spackle a few nail holes. So, Gavin being the very helpful 4 year old that he is, goes down stairs and brings me up one of the paint cans, "No Gavin, I am not ready for that, Take it back down stairs, and hold it correctly or else you will drop it!" Seconds later Gavin runs upstairs, "Mommy, I accidentally dropped the paint, and it opened, and it spilled, and it is on the kitchen floor!" WHAT!!!!!!! So I run downstairs and sure enough I have a gallon of "Blue Chaise" paint on my kitchen floor. Fortunate it didn't get on the hard wood floor, or the carpet, or the cupboards. I frantically grab all of the junk towels in the kitchen that I can get my hands on, scoop all the paint that I can on to the area rug that was all ready covered, then managed to get the rug into a garbage bag. Then I filled my mop bucket with hot soapy water and started scrubbing!! I love my son!!

After going over my awful experience with my mother in-law, she poses the question, "Was the lid on well enough, should it have come off that easily?" So I called my Home Depot, and posed the same question to them. "Well, we have a machine that securely puts the lid on, but it is not guaranteed. Did it get on the pavement or.....well were you able to get it off the kitchen floor?" I reassured her I wasn't looking for any damage control, I merely inquired if they would kindly replace my paint. Without hesitation she agreed. I think she was relieved I didn't want any compensation. You gotta love good service!!

Needless to say, we are waiting for Daddy to get home before we start painting. Thank goodness Maddalyn was in her room napping, I could imagine her thinking SHE needed to help too! Being a mom is GREAT!! I just have to keep telling myself this, and I may live through it without going crazy.