Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve at the Fletchers!

As we alternate holidays every year for our families, this was the year we spent Christmas Eve and G'ma and G'pa Fletcher's with all of my siblings. Aunt Ashley was in charge this year. She came up with some awesome games. It started with water bottle bowling, except your ball was hanging from your head in a nylon! It was a hit, we had a lot of fun. Then we had all the kids laying on the floor wiggling thier faces to move thier Oreo from thier forehead to thier mouth. That was a hilarious thing to watch they all got very into it. I believe Emily won with some help from her shoulder. The Grandkids also decorated waffle cones like Christmas trees with G'ma Julie and Aunt Sandi, also Aunt Ashley's idea! After a long Christmas Eve we came home, bringing the Martin's with us. Ashley and I proceeded to "wrap" up Christmas and prepare for Christmas morning! It is definitely much messier with two families opening gifts. We are so blessed! Merry Christmas from the Yates!!!