Saturday, September 22, 2012

Then Multnomah Falls

After our Timberline trip we rushed home, switched cars, and rushed out to Multnomah Falls. Like TImberline the Falls were beautiful! Apparently we weren't the only people that were trying to get in one last trip with this beautiful September weekend. The parking lot was packed and there was also a wedding party taking photos. We made great use of our short visit and took a lot of pictures. I am of the mind set you can never have enough pictures of your family, Blayne on the other hand gets impatient with me. Good thing I love him anyway!!!!
With September coming to an end, this family is ready for October!

Timberline in the Fall

We had the pleasure of visiting with Matt and Cherida Tidwell this last weekend. They were in Oregon on their honeymoon, so they came by to visit for a few days. We drove up to Government Camp and had breakfast at the Huckleberry Inn, it was great as always. Then we drove up to Timberline Lodge to visit. It was a perfect day; sunny, cool, windy, just perfect for this Oregonian!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Teeth Pulling 101!

Maddy was successful at pulling out tooth number 2. It was a long hard fight, we had to insist on it or she was going to choke on it in her sleep. She felt very good about herself after it finally came out, even though it was against her will.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

School 2012

School is in session! The kids have successfully started school, I am alone for half of the day while Maddy is in kindergarten. Gavin is in second grade and Victoria is now a fifth grader.
Here's hoping for a great 2012/2013 school year!!!