Friday, December 25, 2009

Months of work, for a day of pleasure!

It was definitely a day of pleasure. This was the first year we actually didn't leave our house. We stayed home, opened stockings (2 sets; g'ma and g'pa's too), then Brenton made us yummy breakfast burritos. After all that, we spent 3 hours watching the kids open presents. OH Boy, were they spoiled this year!

Santa brought Victoria an iPod nano, and Gavin a Nintendo DS Lite, and Maddy got toys galore! I have to say we were really blessed this Christmas and had a wonderful day. I visited my family yesterday and the kids and Blayne and I called her this morning to sing her happy birthday. Christmas was the Yates Christmas this year so Mom and Dad and Brenton, Melissa, and Kingston all spent the night so we could wake up together Christmas morning. As our family gets bigger I'm not sure how many more years we can pull that off. We skyped with Sean early this morning, we really missed not having him home this year and I think he really missed it too. So as we prepare to end 2009 this next week, hopefully we will remember all the blessings the ending year has brought us.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Another Blog!

I have joined Mary and Melissa (MIL and SIL) in doing a family blog. We decided since we are spread out we would keep each other posted on what is going in our lives. Then at the end of the year we want to publish it and add it to our personal journals and genealogy. It is off to an exciting start with Maddalyn meeting her new little cousin Kingston and loving on him every chance she gets. If your interested, go check it out,

Also.....Aunt Melissa and Uncle Brenton spoiled the kids by making up for the birthdays they missed this year. It was kind of like an early Christmas. Tori with her BOP-IT, Gavin with his Nerf Gun, and Maddy with a Baby with a backpack on wheels. They couldn't have picked better gifts. Good Job Guys!!!

With the busy lives we lead, we forget to try to document the most we can. All I can promise is I will do my best. Keep checking back, my life can be entertaining at times. ;)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It Backfired!

I don't know if was the fame or money but I think the bribery may have backfired. Tori came out of the bathroom last night with yet another tooth in hand. I told her she needed to hurry and pull the second tooth because she looked like a snaggle tooth girl. Well she did. The first thing she said was, "where's my ten bucks!" So 'tis the season, Victoria really wants her two front teeth for Christmas!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Was that bad..............

So, Victoria has two front teeth that have been loose for a long time. She is going the the dentist on the 15th and they will be pulled if they are not gone yet. They are in the way. I gave her the choice that either Dad could pull it or the dentist would have to do it. So she reluctantly agreed to let Dad do it, I offered her $5 if she went through with it, so that made her more motivated. Blayne was very tender and he showed her how to twist and turn, forward and back repeatedly. He started then she decided she wanted to do it. So, surprised, I told her, "Serious? If YOU pull it out I will give you $10 instead of $5!" As the blood started to get on her hands, she just grabbed a paper towel, Blayne worked with it a little, Chelsea twisted on it too! Finally Blayne felt that it was really close, so he told her to keep turning. All the sudden you hear this scream, "I GOT IT!!!" I followed with a , "WOOHOO!! Good Job!!" Victoria quickly came back with, "Give me my ten bucks Mom!" Hands covered with blood, blood all over her mouth, she just wanted her prize money. Victoria is the tender, girly girl type. This was not in her comfort zone, so I am very proud of her. I learned that all it takes is ten bucks and I can get her to do anything, good to know, I will definitely remember that! I can honestly say she surprised me tonight.

So again I ask, Is that bad, bad that I bribed my 7 year old to pull her own tooth?