Saturday, June 20, 2009

My New Camera

So I have been carrying my new camera around with me everywhere, I LOVE IT!!! It has a smile detector and won't take the picture until the person you are taking it of reaches the smile size you have pre-set your camera to. Once they have reached the "large" smile you have selected it automatically takes the picture without you touching any buttons. IT'S GREAT. The other thing I love is it has the continuous photo taking feature, you don't have to switch any settings, all you have to do is hold down the button and it automatically does it!! Also, I bought it because it fits in my purse, I have a very nice digital camera already, but it doesn't fit in my purse. YAY SONY!!

Any who, sorry about that minor tantrum. Tony and Chelsea were nice enough to take Blayne and I out to Claim Jumper for my birthday. So here are pics of us there.

My birthday was also a fun day for Gavin, he took off his training wheels and is now riding his bike like a BIG BOY! Now he is just cruising around every chance he gets and anywhere he can go on two wheels. I just wish Tori was as eager to ride her bike, she pretty much hates it!!

Victoria may not like to ride her bike, but sure likes her picture being taken.

Last but not least, no one can forget our little Maddy. It wouldn't be a post if she wasn't mentioned in some shape or form. What kind of two year old would she be is she wasn't getting stuck in something or climbing in something. Blayne and I woke up to her laying in our bed with us, trying to eat Victoria's lotion. As if that wasn't bad enough, she then rubbed it in her eyes and all over our sheets and quilt on our bed. It smelled so bad, I got a major headache. So, like I said, how boring would our lives be if we didn't have our sweet little MADDY!

Oh, and did I mention? When she gets mad, she throws a fit and rolls her self up into the nearest rug she can get too.


Friday, June 19, 2009

I survived!!

What a great birthday it was! After spending several days in Bend with Ashley, Blayne came over on the weekend to visit us. I ended up cutting my trip short and coming home with Blayne. Blayne got up on Monday morning (My Birthday) and went to work. About 45 minutes later I heard the front door. He had forgotten he had taken the day off of work. What a nice surprise that was. He made me strawberry waffles for breakfast then we spent the day running errands. We bought a new camera for my b-day it was a great day! So I am hoping this year and being thirty will be just has fun!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Well, I don't know if I would call it alive, but yes I am still here. The last little while has been so busy in my world, I am behind on a lot of things.

My oldest girl turned 7 last Sunday, I have a hard time calling her my BIG girl. Then to top it all off, she just finished the first grade, WOW!!!

Summer vacation has begun, so easy to be sad and happy about one thing. The busy part of summer hasn't even revealed itself and yet, I am still dreading it.

My longest, best friend in the world got married tonight. I am so happy for her. She made a beautiful bride, and the best part is that I actually think her husband realizes what a great woman he just married. Of course I am not sure if I am happy with him, he is moving her to Virginia. Other than that, yes he is a great guy and a great guy to and for her. We were extremely lucky the weather held, she should have held her outdoor wedding last week, when the sun wouldn't stop.

THEN, yes it's true!The depressing rumors are true! I TURN 30......well let's just say..........WAY TO SOON!!! NO, it's not affecting me, what makes you say that? The only saving grace I have is that my wonderful husband is all too soon to follow! I LOVE YOU BLAYNE ;)