Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fishing with Dad

In July we went camping with the McNamee's to Trillium Lake. I managed to not take one photo on this trip except the photos on my phone. I came across them today and definitely think they needed to be posted. We got completely flooded the first night, we stuck it out and ended up having some beautiful weather for the rest of our trip.

Blayne has been looking for one of the kids to start fishing so he can have a fishing buddy. We bought the kids all poles last year and they were excited to use them this year. I can't say we were successful but we enjoyed the time together.

We came home from camping in the middle of the week, so Blayne still had the rest of the week off. We tried to stay busy and enjoy the beautiful weather that had finally arrived. We took the kids to Bonneville Dam to look at the sturgeon. Those are amazing (and giant)!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

School Picture Day

I successfully got all the kids ready and out the door on time this morning for pictures. It was easier than I thought it would be, I have pretty great kids!!!

Hanging out in Prineville

Early in the month we went out to Prineville to visit Aunt Ashley and Uncle Jake. The Dad's went to scout some hunting areas so it was just us Mom's and the kids.
Ashley and Jake have a thriving garden growing, we took the kids down to pick some veggies. The kids, especially Maddy and Emily, had a blast digging in the dirt for potatoes.

We haven't visited Prineville since June so the kids were very excited to see each other and visit.

First Day of School

The kids are attending the Oregon Trail Primary Academy charter school again this year. Victoria is in 4th grade and Gavin is in 1st grade. Maddalyn also started pre-chool this year also. So far so good, they are loving school, no arguing or complaining. I love to be able to say that, we will see how long it lasts.

Maddy actually started pre-school a day after the kids. She was a little teary once we got there, after being so excited. She informed me I needed to stay, I sat down and colored, gave her some time, then I was on my way.

Josie's visit from New York

Josephine was lucky enough to come from New York and spend the month of August in Oregon. She spent one of her last weekends here with our family.

Victoria is Josie's oldest girl cousin so even though they are seven years apart in age, they really enjoy each other.

Josie got her drivers permit when she first got to Oregon so Uncle Blayne was teaching her to drive a stick shift. She drove his VW Bug, his baby. Seeing I am the only other adult that has driven that car she was pretty lucky, Uncle Blayne sure does love her!!!

We enjoyed every day we spent with her, the kids had a lot of fun. Her next visit will not be soon enough! Love you Josie!!

Camping with the McNutt's

Back in August, (yes, it's been a while!) we went camping with Kelly and her girls. We also had Blayne and Kelly's other cousin Erin with us. We had a blast. The weather was a little cooler on Saturday then we wanted, we weren't brave enough to raft down the river. The kids on the other hand didn't have a problem getting into the river to play. Blayne and Erin joined them.