Wednesday, October 31, 2012


October flew by at the Yates house. I was going through pictures on my camera and the only pictures for October were Halloween. Wow! I volunteered at the school for the Harvest parties, it was a very packed day. It's nice having all three kids in school so I am available to help out a lot more. Victoria started the, "I'm too old to dress up but I still want to trick or treat" phase this year. Her "ghost" costume was all she would agree to do. We had a cute Princess costume for Maddy but when the Witch costume came out of storage, it was done. Gavin was a ninja, I tried for a cowboy but it was a no go. The kids actually got quite spoiled this year. They went trick-or-treating for the city event on Saturday then went again on Halloween. They went around our neighborhood, then came back to hand out candy too! All in all it was a good Halloween.