Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cookies with Uncle John and Aunt Amber

Amber and John and thier family were at our house last weekend. We managed to make not one but two batches of cookies in that short weekend. All the kids climbed on the counter to be a part of the process. Amber was teasing the kids with chocolate chips. John makes great cookies. I was actually able to replicate his recipe after they had left.

Jonas caught on to us taking pictures and did his best to smile on cue. It was a busy weekend but all in all we have fun!

Fall has arrived!

Although I enjoyed the Indian summer we had I am happy to see fall and have winter on the way. I was driving home the The Dalles a couple of weeks ago and witnessed a beautiful sunset to guide my drive home. It was awesome.

Then today I was finally able to see Mt. Hood after the awesome storms we had over the weekend. I was with Mary and we had to pull over to take some pictures. "Blayne's Mountain", as my family calls it, is so majestic but becomes very inviting once you top it with 3 1/2 feet of newly fallen snow. It definitely makes you stop and take a second look.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Maddy's First Hair Cut!

Maddy got her first haircut tonight. I have been contemplating it for a few weeks now but wasn't sure I was ready to cut off her baby blonde curls. After a trip to the store today where she kept taking her hair in and out of her barrette I ended up with hair all over the place. I decided I was ready!

So off the tails came! Of course I saved it and documented it but there is no turning back now!

She looks so grown up! She loves having short hair, of course Victoria is in complete envy of her. If she could only remember the first time I cut her hair.....7 years ago!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The votes are in!

Victoria and Gavin's school voted last week on the school mascot nominees. This morning they had an assembly and announced that Victoria's idea won. They are officially the Oregon Trail Primary Academy TIMBER WOLVES!!! Victoria was so excited, slightly embarrassed but excited. To top it off they also announced that she was elected Student of the Month.

I am so proud of her. She is doing so well even though attending a new school was not her choice. WOOHOO! Good job Victoria!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Finally Done!

After gathering brown and blue fabric for the last year and a half I finally put together Blayne's quilt. He has complained a few times about my "girly" quilts that I made the effort to make him a more masculine one. It turned out really good. I made matching euro shams that are more for me than Blayne but they look great!

I have finished all my projects that piled up over the summer that I am ready to put away all my craft stuff and start preparing for the holiday season!