Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gavin's growing up!

Blayne and I bought Gavin his first suit this year. We were going to save it for Easter but he has been begging to wear it since we bought it. He looks so handsome, so grown up.
I decided to get some pictures of Blayne and the kids before church today.
I have to take every chance I get to take pictures of Blayne with our kids. They are growing up so fast. There will never be enough pictures to catch it all, but I can still try!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Time with the Moore's, New York bound!!!!

I got some pictures with Amber and the kids before I took them to the airport for their flight to New York!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our week before Spring Break!

Most people have company or go out of town during spring break. We had our company in town this last week instead. Spring break will truly be a vacation........I hope!

Amber, Josie, Holland, Delaney, and Jonas have been at our house this last week. It is the last time they are going to be in town for a while. John arrived in Saratoga Springs, New York last Thursday after loading their entire house in Washington and driving two moving trucks across the country with his uncle. He is now waiting for his family to join him, they fly out late Monday night.

They came into town late Monday afternoon, also Josie's 16th birthday. That night Uncle Blayne took Josie out for dinner just the two of them.

Tuesday morning we had Jonas in the ER with ear infections. Tuesday night my Dad took all his kids out to dinner also for Josie's birthday. It wasn't all of us but Amber, Aleesa, Lane and I all were able to go. No spouses or kids other than Jordan and Josie.

Wednesday morning we were back at the ER with Delaney and Josie. Delaney had sinusitis and Josie had bronchitis. Talk about a busy start to our week. Plus we wanted to make sure the kids were treated and had time to recover before being thrown on an airplane. Wednesday night I had invited all the girls in my family, immediate and extended, for an impromptu get together to visit and say good-bye. It was a lot of fun. Not everyone was able to attend but we enjoyed those that did.
We tried to lay low for a few days. My family go together again on Sunday for one of our newest babies blessing, Malachi. After a good lunch with my family Blayne and I loaded our kids up to come home and allow Amber and her kids have some visiting time with Grandma and Grandpa.
Tomorrow is coming much too soon for me. As far back as I can remember I've always had my big sister close, whether I wanted her there or not. That's what has made her the best big sister. New York is also too far away. I am excited for Amber and John and this new opportunity they are going to experience. Thank heavens for free long distance and Skype.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Long time no ski!

So, I figure it has been a good year since I've gone skiing. It has been several years since I have been skiing without sciatic pain. This year has been the first since I was pregnant with Maddalyn that I actually enjoyed myself up the mountain.
Blayne took the day off of work and he and I went on a ski/snowboard date up to Meadows. We dropped the kids off at school then dropped Maddy at G'ma Mary's and headed up the mountain. The weather was beautiful, it was snowing lightly and had about 8 inches of fresh powder to enjoy.
I had a bit of anxiety due to having been a while since I'd been skiing. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. My body had to stop long before my brain wanted to. I had a great day and couldn't have asked for better company.
Thanks for the great snow date Blayne!! I love you!!