Thursday, April 30, 2009

Here comes May!

So we are starting May off in the middle of a huge project. Our travertine floors aren't quite finished yet and we are still awaiting the arrival of our granite. It has been such a huge job but it will be so pretty when it is done.

On a completely different subject, you know you are doing an effective job potty training when your 2 year old comes into the bathroom and hollers and claps for you when you go pee! It is hilarious, she drops her mouth open, then starts clapping for joy showing her satisfaction with you. I love that sweet little girl.

I bought my kids these cute little outfits with my "gym-bucks" at I love getting stuff for free, I love it even more when I get them and they are just as cute if not cuter than they were online.

So, off we I go to gear up for more "working on the floor" taking a nap :) HeeHee!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Maddy, Maddy, Maddy!!

This child never seems to amaze me, every day it is something new. I thought Gavin kept me busy. Maddy is both boy and girl!

Can we say, GROSS!!! Maddy is so animated and she is always on the run. I don't know if I would have preferred to have her as my first baby, she may have scared me into not having anymore. Being #3, I have a lot of help with Victoria and Gavin. I couldn't have chosen a better, bigger sister and brother for Maddy to have.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter family picture


So, my Mom decided she wanted to host her Grand kids to an Easter Egg hunt this year. Her and my Dad filled 100+ plastic eggs with candy and hid them in their front yard.

The kids had so much fun. Not that they need all of the candy that they got, but it was a lot of fun. It reminded me of when we were little. We always had a "property" wide Easter egg hunt, with all of my cousins. So many memories!

Then we followed it up with a great Easter luncheon today with the majority of my immediate family including my Grandpa Joe, and Jacob's Grandma and Grandpa Stone. It was a lovely day, exhausting, but lovely! HAPPY EASTER!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Maddy turns 2!!

Maddy's 2nd Birthday Party!!

Today is Maddy's 2nd birthday. We had a little party for her at my Grandpa's house in Bend, plus Daddy went boarding at Bachelor yesterday! Aunt Ashley and I made her some really cute cakes, which was more fun than anything. We had a nice lasagna dinner, and then finished it off with our yummy cakes. Blayne, Jacob, and Tony moved a few refrigerators for Grandpa, had dinner, than went to the priesthood session of conference. With all the commotion, Maddy had an accident, but it's her birthday. Plus it is sooooo hard to get a potty training child to go potty without the little seat insert. All and all it was a great, fun day!! Happy birthday baby!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Potty Training 101

We are day #3 of potty training, no accidents! I have learned to just leave them naked, except undies, then they have a harder time having an accident. Of course it has been so cold, I have a t-shirt on her also. Maddy woke up a 2:00 am this morning crying, dry diaper, and needed to go potty. I can't ask for anything more. Well maybe I can, she has failed to poo in the potty yet. This is day #2 of no poo. I hope today is "THE DAY!" It is pretty pathetic that this is what consumes my life, but I'm a mom. Maddy also woke up with a dry diaper this morning, Blayne put her on the potty and sure enough, she has learned how to hold it. We'll see, she still doesn't come to me needing to go potty. So I am a potty trained mom at this point. I bought her these cute rubber boots for the good job she is doing, she always puts on Tori and Gavin's. She even put on Holland's when he spent the night earlier this week. We will also see how she does on a road trip, wish me luck! Please if you have any ideas, feel free.