Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Love The Beach! Part One

We had the opportunity to meet some friends a Seaside. The first day was rainy, typical for Oregon Beaches, the Sunday was beautiful. Blayne got sun burned from walking down to the beach. We had a blast and to top it off, the kids all got along so that lowered the stress a lot. Take note of Blayne being a baby hog. Every chance he got he had Brianna and was loving on her. It was very sweet!

It was too beautiful of a day to not take advantage of. We took the kids down to the beach and busted out all the sand buckets and toys. The bigger kids were down at the water with the Daddies (Aimee has those pictures), and the Mommies stayed with the younger kids and helped them play in the sand. Ok, we played in the sand too!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How Precious........Little Brianna

I had the opportunity to have one of Heavenly Father's most recent deliveries at my house. My little kids love this little girl, they would love to keep her for their own. Beautiful Brianna McNamee. She got a little fussy and Gavin calmed her right down. He is a great big brother. I love the first picture where he is just taking her all in. He will make an awesome Daddy one day, a day far far a way!

Then it was Maddy's turn. Out of both of my girls, Maddy is definitely the one that is more attached to her babies. Not only does she manage several at a time but they all have to sleep with her. If one is missing or she wakes up not surrounded by them she gets very upset. It was very hard for her to stand and watch Gavin take care of hold that baby when she was sure she would be doing a better job.

We had to have Aimee move, because she was telling Maddy to smile so she would be looking at her instead of the camera. The "out of the corner of her eye" pictures crack me up, I had to throw them in. Aimee was a very good sport, I appreciate her letting my kids enjoy her newest blessing. They aren't going to have anymore lil brothers or sisters of their own, so I like it that they don't miss out on the experience. All of our friends are good like that.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Maddy turns #3 !!!

I can't believe my baby turned 3! We had a blast on Easter Sunday. Between watching conference, coloring eggs, and having cupcakes and presents! It was a BUSY day.

We had G'ma and G'pa Yates over and Truman, Shannon, and Lexi. She got so many gifts, she is so lucky that she has so many people that love her. Crystal, Jesse, and Matthew even sent a gift from Olympia,WA. We had a wonderful, yummy ham, traditional Easter dinner. With our friends and family to share it with, it made it that much better.

All in all it was a great day. Conference was great, Easter was great, and Maddy's officially 3! I've complained I am running out of baby years. Several of my friends have assured me, I can have their baby's to fill that void once ans a while!!