Monday, November 11, 2013

Gavin turns 9!

We scheduled Gavin's birthday to be before Brenton and the boys left back to Okinawa. Kingston and Chayse had a blast. Gavin loved having his boy cousins here and loved not being the only "Yates Boy!" Aunt Melissa had to head home the day before but she made sure her absence went noticed by leaving great gifts!

Gavin is turning into a great young man! He is so loving and compassionate. He is a math whiz, and a naturally smart boy, school comes very easy to him. He loves sports. He loves snowboarding. He loves his Mom and is quite protective of me. He loves and admires his Dad, they are turning into great buddies. I am happy to be his Mom, I am very blessed!
 Gavin opening presents!
 Aunt Shelley and Chayse
 Victoria, Lauren, and Maddalyn
 And then some more.......
 Sweet Chayse
 I love his big brown eyes!!

 Make a wish sweet boy!!!

 Kingston, Gavin, Victoria, Maddalyn, Alyssa, Chayse, and Grace

 I am a very blessed Mom, I am blessed to be Mom to three wonderful children!