Monday, February 28, 2011

More Snow!!

After a really wet and windy night I got up and took the kids to school this morning. Had some errands to run, and before I even got out of Sandy it started snowing.

Not forecasted at all, I now have 5 inches of snow in my back yard. We got the kids home from school, early. I had Gavin, Tori, and maddy go and start cleaning the snow off of the trampoline, it was sagging pretty bad. The girls gave up pretty quick so I went out to help Gavin finish, then I helped him make a snowman. I was a little over zealous with my second snowball, I couldn't lift it up, so I had to start over.

If Blayne were home this snowman would be much bigger and better but Gavin and I are still proud of it!!!

Thanks for playing in the snow with me Gavin!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Timberwolves

So the apparel finally arrived and the Yates are now decked out in Victoria's Timberwolves shirts and sweatshirts. It took them 5 months to get them but the kids are so excited they are finally here!!
Good job Victoria on getting your idea chosen for the school mascot!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Victoria Rose

Vicotria competed in the third grade Spelling Bee this week and took second place. She moves on to compete with the top 10 kids in the school for the school wide Spelling Bee which is being held today.

We just put an order in for our Timberwolves shirts and sweatshirts. She is still so excited to have been the student who's mascot got chosen from the entire school. She is turning into quite the little lady!
She was so excited to show up after Christmas break and see the new signs. She made me take a picture so I could show Blayne.

I have the great opportunity to drive by our beautiful mountain on a daily basis. I pass it taking my kids to and from school. It amazes me that it just gets more beautiful as the season goes on.

Life has calmed down a little for the Yates. Brenton and Melissa left for Japan last Wednesday. I'm hoping to replace some order in our household.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sledding with the Yates

Monday our kids didn't' have school so Blayne took the day off so we could take the kids sledding with Melissa, Brenton, and Kingston. We spent the day up on Mt. Hood and loved every minute of it.

The Dads have made multiple snowboarding trips so we felt we deserved a snow trip too! We had a beautifully clear day and 6" of new snow.

With January over and February here we are hoping 2011 slows down soon!