Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

We drove over to Prineville to spend Easter with the Martin's. Of course the new baby may have had a little to do with motivating me to travel for Easter.

We got into town Friday evening. Early enough to color some eggs and play outside. After the kids went to bed Blayne, Ashley, and I filled the eggs for our Saturday Easter egg hunt.

Saturday the kids were up early and they were outside enjoying the beautiful weather. They played, shot guns with the Dad's, and played some more.

We had our Easter egg hunt, there were about 10 kids and over 150 eggs. Ashley planned and made a great dinner. Blayne bbq'd her tri-tip and she did bbq pork ribs in the slow cooker. It was delicious!!
After dinner the kids were exhausted so I put them to bed early. Maddy was so exhausted she fell asleep while we were getting ready for bed.

Sunday we went to church and enjoyed the Sabbath day together. I made sure to make the kids stay in their clothes so I could get some pictures. The kids enjoyed primary and the egg shaped sugar cookies probably didn't hurt either.
Happy Easter!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Maddalyn!

Today my baby girl turns 4! We had a little family get together yesterday to celebrate her birthday. We had Kelly, Damon, Alyssa, Grace, Shannon, Truman, Lexi, Owen, Kristin, Leilani, Chelsea, Stephanie, Uncle Sean, and G'ma and G'pa Yates. She had a lot of fun.
Maddy had been asking for a Nintendo DS ever since Amber and her family stayed with us last month. She keeps asking and specifies it has to be a red one. I've continued to put her off even though it has made her completely unhappy. So when she opened her DS yesterday, she happened to pull out the black case first, she promptly throws a fit, "I said I wanted a red one!" She just about lost the DS altogether at that point. Other than that it was a good day.
Lexi helped her blow out her candles. Blayne ended up lighting them three times. Shannon picked her out a fun fishing game that entertained the kids (and adults) for quite a while.
After the presents and the cake and ice cream. We just hung and and enjoyed on antohers company. All too often we are in such a hurry. It was nice to have no where to go or something to go and do next.
As the evening came to an end, prayers said, and kids showered and ready for bed, we put the kids down and that was it. Usually there is the "I need a drink" or "I need to go to the bathroom". Nope, nothing except silence and sleeping kids!

I am blessed to be the Mom the three great kids. I love them so much!!
Happy Birthday Sweet Maddalyn! I love you!!